Accident Car Removals

Have an accident vehicle you’d like to get rid of? Give Cash for Cars Sunbury a call. 

When your vehicle has been involved in an accident and is no longer fit for the road, the last thing you want is for it to be hanging around your yard or driveway, having daily reminders of the accident. Cash for Cars Sunbury offers free accident car removals that put instant cash of up to $6999 in your pocket.  

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We are a car removal company that values your business and assures fair and competitive cash offers.  

Cash for Accident Cars Sunbury 

What some vehicles don’t realise is after you get the insurance check for your accident vehicle, it is still up to you to dispose of the vehicle. Some vehicle owners drain the fluids and flatten the tyres and let the wrecking company take over. Others choose cash for accident cars company like Cash for Cars Sunbury to remove their unwanted vehicle for free. It is a way to help compensate for the accident itself as you don’t have the cost of towing the vehicle to the wrecking yard, and you don’t lose out on the insurance money from the vehicle.

Accident vehicles can be hard to get rid of. Unlike other car removal and disposal companies, we don’t charge you to remove the vehicle, and we don’t undervalue your accident vehicle. While it might not be worth fixing and repairing, it is worth something to recycle and reuse the parts and metals; this is why we can offer you up to $6999 instant cash.  

Cash for Accident Car Disposals 

At Cash for Cars Sunbury, our accident vehicles are worth up to $6999 instant cash. It will depend on the make and model of your vehicle as we remove and recycle the parts and form the metal into new steel to be reused and resold.  

Our car disposals are considered green disposals because we do recycle the vehicle 100 percent. Not only do our vehicle owners get the award of doing something environmentally friendly, but they also get cash in their pocket for an unwanted accident car disposal.  

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Getting a cash offer on your unwanted accident car removal Sunbury is quick and easy.

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With just a few details, we can have a cash offer to you and schedule a free car removal. Our car removals are always fast and convenient and always put cash in your hands.

Accident car removals are always free at Cash for Cars Sunbury and always pay up to $6999 instant cash. We are a fully licensed used auto buyer, auto seller and wrecking yard that accepts all makes and models of any age and condition. Foreign or domestic, running or not give us a call. Just follow the directions below.

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At Cash for Cars Sunbury, we put cash in your pocket on your unwanted accident car removal. Our car removals are always free and always pay instant cash. Whether a wrecked Toyota, an accident Mitsubishi, a damaged Subaru or a scrap Mercedes, give us a call. We are the car removers and disposal company in Sunbury that does value your vehicle. We can also be reached via our “Instant Appraisal” form located on this page.

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